Meet Hillary and Joel

Optimized-3 tankels together“We wanted a child so badly.

Our lives as a couple were good, but we felt there was something missing. We were trying to start a family and it just wasn’t happening. After a while, one of us said, ‘Maybe we should think about adoption?’

It was a really challenging process. There’s so much work – and money – that goes into it. We placed newspaper ads, hired lawyers and arranged home visits.

We knew this would be a huge financial undertaking, and we came to HFLS.

When we were approved for the loan, we were in tears, because we needed it so desperately at that point. If we hadn’t had this money, my parents would have refinanced their home, or we would have put a lot of it on credit cards.

In December 2015, we met Levi for the first time, just after he was born. I can’t describe how I felt when I held him for the first time! The love I had for him was just absolutely overwhelming. I kept thinking, “I’m a mom! I’ve always wanted to be a mom.” 

Levi is a really big, strong and active baby. He has brought so much joy to our lives and to our whole family. We have never loved someone as much in our  lives – never.

Our hopes for Levi are that he’ll be happy and healthy. We want him to do anything he wants to do in his life.”

— Hillary and Joel