Meet Beth

Optimized-DSC03990“After my dad passed away, my mom was struggling with living on her own, so she came to live with me in New York. Around the same time, my full time job ended and I began to freelance. I was just making ends meet. I was nervous as my mom was also depending on me.

One day my mom tripped and broke seven ribs. She spent time in hospitals and nursing homes, and I really had to be with her. All of my time and energy were spent taking care of her. I fell three months behind in rent, and I was facing eviction. My mother and I really had nowhere else to go. I was beside myself for months.

I applied for a loan from the Hebrew Free Loan Society. The loan went right to paying my rent and ended the lawsuits. It was such a relief. It really made all the difference. Now I am working again, my mom is healthy and we have a place to live.

Thanks to the Hebrew Free Loan Society, I was able to stay in my home that I love.” – Beth, emergency loan borrower