Meet Rimma

Optimized-Rimma K (1)“I moved to the United States from Russia in 1997 with my husband and son, and we came immediately to New York City.

My husband and I were living in a rental apartment, which we were barely able to afford. Our landlord stopped giving us heat one winter, just as my husband was about to have major oncology surgery.

Because our apartment was so cold, he really thought that he wouldn’t survive after the surgery.

I looked for other apartments, but they were so expensive. We had entered a housing lottery, and fortunately a low-income subsidized apartment opened up just when we needed it. It was perfect, but we needed to pay a substantial deposit immediately.

I came to HFLS for help with a large part of the payment. Without this loan, I would have had to ask all of my friends for small amounts of money to try to come up with whole payment.

When I got the loan, I really felt as if a miracle had happened! We were able to move right away, only because of HFLS.

I have to say that you saved my husband’s life, and we are so grateful.” — Rimma