Special Education Bridge Loans

HFLS Special Education Bridge Loans help families access appropriate special education for their special needs children. The loans provide school tuition while the family awaits payment or reimbursement from the Department of Education, a process that can take many months.

HFLS currently runs two Special Education Bridge Loan partnership programs:

To learn more about Special Education Bridge Loans to Individual Families and the HFLS loan process, please view the Special Education Bridge Loans Information Sheet.

The Hebrew Free Loan Society makes interest-free loans to low- and moderate-income individuals and families living in New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island. You can view our income guidelines here. 

If you have financial need for an interest-free loan but your household income is higher than the amount listed for your household size, or if you have any other questions or would like to apply for a Special Education Bridge Loan, please contact HFLS Deputy Director Kim Kaplan at kkaplan@hfls.org or (212) 687-0188 x207.