“It has always been my dream to become a speech pathologist. When I decided to go to graduate school, I knew I would be responsible for financing my education.

My husband and I had a baby a few months before I started school, and our costs went up so much. We were faced with not only paying my tuition, but paying for everything our son needed, too. These costs were completely overwhelming for us on our salaries, and we knew that my getting an advanced degree would make all the difference for our future.

The interest on educational loans would have been impossible to afford with everything else, and it could have put our financial future at risk. But getting my degree was not only my dream – I knew it would help me support and be a role model for my son. How could I make this impossible choice?”


“With the interest-free loan from the Hebrew Free Loan Society, I was able to go to graduate school and protect my family from unmanageable debt. It felt so wonderful when I was approved for the loan. I thought, “I can do this. I am back on track with my goals.”

I graduated from Adelphi University with a Master’s degree in speech pathology in May. Now I’m in a clinical fellowship at a charter school in Brooklyn.

I accomplished all of this because of the Hebrew Free Loan Society. HFLS has been so helpful to me and my family, and I’m so grateful that they helped me achieve my dream.”

Danielle received a Graduate Loan from Hebrew Free Loan Society and was able to change her life

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“When I was approved for the loan, I thought, “I can do this! I am back on track with my goals!”


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