Avi Daman

Where do you currently work?
I currently work at IBM

How long have you been on the Next Gen Steering Committee?
I joined the committee in 2021. 

What made you interested in joining the Next Gen Steering Committee?
I first got involved with HFLS as a donor several years ago. HFLS’ mission greatly resonates with my passion to help others succeed. I joined the NGSC to further support HFLS’ efforts to provide people access to resources and opportunities to help them pursue their own aspirations.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I studied Finance at NYU

Do you hold any advanced degrees? If so, in what?
I also have a MBA from The Wharton School 

What is one interesting/fun fact about yourself?
My fiancé and I had our first 4 dates on Zoom at the start of COVID.

Picture of Avi Daman - Next Gen member