About HFLS

The Hebrew Free Loan Society’s work is the 21st century expression of an ancient Jewish tradition that sees helping people become financially independent as the highest form of philanthropy. Ten leaders of the Jewish immigrant community on Manhattan’s Lower East Side drew on this tradition and founded the Hebrew Free Loan Society of New York City in 1892.

HFLS is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization. Like other nonprofits, HFLS fundraises from individuals and foundations to fund our operations.

Because our repayment rate is so high (over 99.9%!), our loan capital is repaid and lent out again and again, multiplying the number of people helped by the same dollars many times over. When a borrower repays their HFLS loan in full, they make it possible for someone else to benefit from those same funds.

About Borrowers

HFLS borrowers are low- and moderate-income individuals and families who live in NYC’s five boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island. They are facing a financial need or expense – be it surgery, college tuition, moving expenses or a rent deposit, starting a small business, fertility treatments, the purchase of a used car, or a range of other needs – that they can’t afford.

Household income must be at or below the amount listed for household size on each loan program page. The amounts are the moderate-income limits for households in the NYC area, based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s guidelines.

No. HFLS is non-sectarian; we do not ask about an applicant’s religious identity or affiliation. Our borrowers are people of all different faiths, and they hail from dozens of different countries.

HFLS and other free loan societies throughout North America serve local, limited geographic areas for a number of reasons. Mainly, to foster a sense of community, and because of limited capital availability and capacity. As a UJA-Federation of NY Network Agency, HFLS serves the same catchment area as UJA-Federation. If you live outside the HFLS catchment area and are looking for an interest-free loan, visit the website of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans to view a list of all affiliated free loans in the US and internationally.

About Guarantors

Guarantors are required so HFLS may turn to them to repay a loan if the borrower is unable to repay. Because HFLS does not charge any interest or fees and does not accept collateral, if a loan goes unpaid, HFLS loses that loan capital forever. HFLS would not be able to help as many people and would eventually run out of loan capital if there was no system in place to increase the likelihood of repayment. The guarantor system is the reason that HFLS has been able to maintain our loan capital over 125 years, making it possible for us to help nearly 875,000 borrowers.

To guarantee a loan, guarantors and their spouses must sign and complete the online guarantor form. If the loan is approved, they will be required to sign the promissory note electronically.

Upon signing a promissory note, guarantors and their spouses are “jointly and severally liable” for the loan, meaning that HFLS may approach them to repay the loan in full or in part if the borrower is not paying. The promissory note is enforceable by law.

About Loans & the Loan Process

Your loan amount depends on the type of loan you apply for and the purpose of the loan. Most loans range from $7,500 to $30,000; Microenterprise Loans and Special Education Bridge Loans may be higher. Please click here for more information about our loan programs.

HFLS always pulls and reviews credit reports for guarantors to ensure there is a pattern of responsibility in paying their obligations (and for the Microenterprise Loan Program, to ensure they meet the minimum credit score requriement).

HFLS pulls credit reports for all Microenterprise Loan applicants and sometimes pulls credit reports for other loan applicants, depending upon the type of loan request and the applicant’s financial situation as discussed during their loan interview.

HFLS conducts loan interviews and reviews loan applications on a rolling basis. Once you have had your loan interview and submitted all required documents, HFLS will review your loan application. You will hear from a Loan Officer if we require additional information to process your loan.

Depending on how many applications are in our queue at any given time, it may take as little as a few days and up to several weeks to go from application submission to loan approval and disbursement. We ask that you please do not contact HFLS regarding the status of your loan application.

Please visit the How to Apply page to learn more about the loan process and applying for a loan.

Repayment amounts depend on the amount of the loan and the type of loan you borrow. Most loans are repayable in installments of $250-300 per month; however, some programs, such as Microenterprise (small business) Loans, Fertility Treatment Loans, and Adoption Loans may have higher repayments, as these loan amounts tend to be higher.

If the borrower is facing financial difficulties, we encourage them to refer to our Borrower Info page for information about how to request a temporary reduction in their monthly payment amount.

HFLS will work with the borrower as best we can within our statement guidelines to accommodate their situation while ensuring the loan is ultimately repaid in full. 

Ultimately, if the borrower is not not able to make any loan repayments, HFLS will contact their guarantors to repay the loan. If the borrower and their guarantors do not repay the loan, HFLS will send the borrower and guarantors to collections.

Supporting HFLS

There are lots of ways to support HFLS’s work and become part of our community.

1. Click here to make a donation to join us as we work together to help New Yorkers in need. Every $1 we raise helps us lend $10.

2.Celebrate with HFLS 

The next time you celebrate a major milestone, whether it’s a special birthday, an anniversary or a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, consider making HFLS part of the experience. We will work with you to create a personalized journey where you can help raise money, volunteer, and learn more about HFLS and the New York Jewish community. Click here for more information. Questions? Email: Celebrations@hfls.org

3. Create a Lasting Legacy

By including HFLS in your will, you are helping to ensure that together, we are able to be there for New Yorkers in need for generations to come.

If you have already named HFLS as a beneficiary, please let us know. We would love to thank and acknowledge your support. Click here for more information. Questions? Email: Legacy@hfls.org

4) Stay Informed. Sign up for the HFLS email list by entering your email in the field at the top of this webpage and like HFLS on Facebook here. You’ll get updates about the impact of our loans, new programs, public events, and ways to advocate for fair and affordable credit.

5) Get Involved. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, email nextgen@HFLS.org to join the Next Gen Network, a group of socially-conscious young professionals who believe in the power of interest-free loans to transform peoples’ lives. You’ll be invited to events and programs specifically for young professionals.

Yes, all donations to HFLS are tax deductible. If you are purchasing a ticket for an HFLS event and a portion of the ticket price is not tax-deductible, this will be indicated on the ticket purchase page or invitation.

Yes! Please contact HFLS Director of Development, David Rosenn, at (212) 687-0188 x8209 or drosenn@HFLS.org with any questions about supporting HFLS.