“We wanted a child so badly. Our lives as a couple were good, but we felt there was something missing. We were trying to start a family and it just wasn’t happening. After a while, one of us said, ‘Maybe we should think about adoption?’

It was a really challenging process. There’s so much work – and money – that goes into it. We placed newspaper ads, hired lawyers, and arranged home visits. We knew this would be a huge financial undertaking, and we came to HFLS.

When Aliza and I began considering adoption more than 4 years ago, we made a plan to build up our savings and do everything we could to avoid taking on high-interest debt. In addition to our full-time jobs, we picked up extra freelance art and writing gigs. We wanted more than anything to adopt a child, and we were determined to do whatever it took to make that dream a reality.


Then one day in 2019 we were matched for an adoption, but unfortunately it fell through and our savings were depleted. To make matters worse, COVID’s impact on the wedding industry brought Aliza’s work as a ketubah artist to a standstill. The pandemic upended everything, leaving us not only without extra work, but with a diminished family income.

We began researching funding opportunities for adoption on the internet, and that’s when we came across the Hebrew Free Loan Society’s 0% interest Adoption Loan. Discovering HFLS was the light at the end of the tunnel. We applied for the loan of up to $25,000, and within a matter of weeks we had the funds we needed to bridge our finances and prepare for our imminent adoption.

Soon after, we got the call that we were matched to adopt a baby girl. Everything happened at just the right time, and thanks to HFLS we already had the funds available to make our dreams come true.

 Now our family is looking forward to a bright future with our daughter Noa filled with joy, love, and compassion. We are thankful to HFLS and its greatest supporters for helping us build a foundation for our family that is financially stable and wrought with opportunity.


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“HFLS supported our family and helped fund the adoption of our baby girl.”


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