On a trip to visit family in my parent’s native Dominican Republic – I stumbled upon a formulator and esthetician who specialized in curing dark spots and hyperpigmentation for women with skin like mine. As a Latina and Bronx Native, finding a formula that worked for me had always been difficult in the states. When I finally found something that worked, I shared my journey on social media and quickly found there was a demand for these types of products. 

I began working with a formulator in the Dominican Republic in 2017 and other chemists in the United States to produce more skincare products in bulk, and in 2019, I launched my own business, Skinergy Beauty. At the time, I was working full-time as a real estate agent, and running Skinergy on the side. My goal was always to provide a product that would help women like me, but as an agent, I had little free time to take the business to the next level. 

But everything happens for a reason, and in 2019 (10 years after I started), the broker at the firm retired and closed down the real estate agency. This could have been viewed as a negative, but in fact, it provided me with the perfect opportunity to pivot and focus my energies on Skinergy Beauty.

 But then, BOOM, Covid hit. 


Like many entrepreneurs I didn’t know what this would mean for my business. I knew there were travel restrictions and shutdowns, but in the end, I was surprised to find that the pandemic’s quarantining rules actually helped my business grow. More people were online, using social media, or spending their money on self care products. I also received shout outs from influencers and a number of notable publications like Vogue, Well+Good, Good Housekeeping, Hola! USA, Buzzfeed, and more.

Now, more than ever before I had an increased demand for Skinergy products, but needed the capital to grow and meet that demand. Luckily, my contact at NYC Small Business Services told me about the Hebrew Free Loan Society’s interest-free loans for entrepreneurs. I applied and received the funds I needed to expand my inventory and meet the immediate surge in sales.

Because of HFLS’s support – I was able to stock up my inventory, launch new products, and improve my online presence. I am grateful to them for their belief and trust in my business. If you, or someone you know, are interested in trying one of my formulas, I highly recommend the Re-Energizing Duo (Serum + Moisturizer) which is good for any skin type and is formulated in a way to protect you from the harsh winter elements.

“Thanks to HFLS, I was able to take my business to the next level!”


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