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HFLS’s COVID Response

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Throughout the pandemic, the Hebrew Free Loan Society has been delivering vital financial relief to lower-income New Yorkers.

Now, as our city comes back, we’re taking the steps to ensure that financial stability and opportunity remain within reach for all lower-income New Yorkers. Your support will help HFLS prevent eviction for hundreds, provide a safety net for those who lost wages or took out high-interest debt just to make ends meet. You can help HFLS provide entrepreneurs with access to small business loans, and you can jumpstart the dreams of hundreds of New Yorkers who put college or vocational training on hold because the risks far outweighed the rewards.

While the vaccines may have many of us hopeful, the sad truth is that recovering from the financial and emotional burden of this crisis will take much longer. HFLS will be there for as long as it takes and we hope you’ll be there with us.

With the support of individuals like you, HFLS has provided a total of $24.8 million to more than 3,800 lower-income households through a combination of new loans, forbearance on existing loans, lowered monthly repayments, need-based scholarships, and cash grants.

But there is still so much more we can do, and we need your help.