Allison Kleiman

Where do you currently work?
I am a post-secondary counselor for the New York City Department of Education.

How long have you been on the NGSC for?
I joined NGSC in Summer of 2022!

What made you interested in joining Next Gen?
As someone who both enjoys personal finance and works with families planning for college expenses, I love the concept of interest-free lending.

Where did you go to college?
I went to Tufts University.

Do you hold any advanced degrees? If so, in what?
I hold an Ed. M. from Teachers College, Columbia University in Psychological Counseling.

What is one interesting/fun fact about yourself?
Despite being born and raised in the Midwest, I live only a few blocks from where my great-grandparents lived over 100 years ago!

Photo of Allison Kleiman, brown hair, smiling.