Portrait of Desery - Housing Loan BorrowerAs a single parent, owning my own home in New York City was like wishing on a star; it was a dream I never believed could come true.

For 12 years I was on a waiting list for a subsidized Mitchell-Lama apartment, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a call from the city out of the blue that said “You’ve been accepted to purchase an apartment in the East Village.”

I had less than one month to get the $30,000 down payment together or I would lose my chance to finally get into affordable, long-term housing.

I didn’t have enough savings to cover it on my own, and I didn’t know where to turn for help. This was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and it was slipping through my fingers.


While frantically searching online for any and all resources, I found this gem of an organization in the middle of New York City. Amazingly, the Hebrew Free Loan Society provides 0%-interest loans specifically to support the down payment on a Mitchell-Lama apartment. After speaking with an HFLS Loan Officer, I submitted my application, and within a matter of days I had the funds I needed to purchase my very own home.

The Mitchell-Lama process was incredibly stressful, but dealing with the Hebrew Free Loan Society was just the opposite. I am so grateful to HFLS for turning my dream into reality and giving me and my boys our forever home.

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“HFLS helped my purchase my first home!”


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