Growing up in Brownsville, I always dreamed of building a stable financial future for myself and my children. I knew that one of the best ways that I could create generational wealth was by owning my own home. To make that dream come true, I sought financial counseling, attended workshops for first-time homebuyers, and even applied to purchase my own Mitchell-Lama apartment.

After 7 years went by, I was beginning to lose hope, but that’s when I got the call from the NYC Department of Housing saying that I was approved to purchase a Mitchell-Lama Apartment. I had everything in place, including some in my savings, but not enough to cover the full cost of the down payment. I reached out to local banks, but unfortunately none of them would support loans for Mitchell-Lama apartments.


I didn’t know where to turn, and that’s when I stumbled upon the Hebrew Free Loan Society’s Housing Loan on one of my many Google searches. I applied, and within one week, I was approved for the amount to cover my full down payment! I cried so hard – I couldn’t even believe it was really happening!

The Housing Loan from HFLS was life changing for me and my family. I am proud to say that my dreams have come true and I am now a happy home owner that is building equity that will be passed down through my family for generations to come. Thanks to HFLS and this opportunity, I now have a changed mindset, I know to never give up, to keep on trying, and that ‘yes, good things can really happen to you!’

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“Because of HFLS, I had the down payment for my apartment in Brooklyn!”


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