When I first heard about the Hebrew Free Loan Society, I’d been living with my family for quite a while, and had been feeling that it was time to find a place for myself. Though my job as a phone operator for a medical practice brings me a great amount of joy, the salary is not currently sufficient to cover the cost of housing in New York City without help. So I’d been stuck trying to find a way to achieve my goal of independence without unduly burdening myself financially, which proved to be a nearly impossible task.


HFLS’s Mitchell-Lama housing loan, suggested to me about a year ago by a friend, seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. It would allow me enough capital to purchase my own apartment, subsidized by the New York state government’s affordable housing program, and to make reasonable monthly payments that didn’t include any interest. I applied immediately and, a few weeks later, was approved for a loan. I’m happy to report that the process was quick and stress-free, especially because the HFLS loan officers were there to guide me through every step of the way.

Today, I am the proud owner of a cozy apartment in Queens. I’ve always wanted to live in a studio, and, thanks to HFLS and its donors, my dream has become a reality! On top of that, the responsibility that I’ve taken on in repaying this loan on a fixed schedule has pushed me to be more accountable with my spending habits, and, because of the loan, the apartment, and everything that comes along with them, I’ve never felt as much stability as I do now. I am incredibly grateful to the HFLS community for the independence they’ve allowed me to experience, and am hopeful that, once I have paid back my loan, someone else will be able to benefit from the incredible opportunity I’ve been given.

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“Because of HFLS, I had the down payment for my Mitchell-Lama apartment in Queens!”


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