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Meet our Borrowers: Danny

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At the height of the pandemic, shutdowns erased 66% of all jobs in the city’s entertainment and leisure sectors; small business owners, freelancers, and those working in the gig economy were hit the hardest.

One of our Small Business borrowers, Danny – founder of Gig Gear, serves a client base consisting mostly of live performance venues and the production professionals they employ. Those venues shuttered their doors and their employees were out of work, leaving him little revenue for the foreseeable future. “This not only threatened the livelihood of my business, but the income that my family and I depended on for basic necessities,” Danny said.

Thanks to donors like you, the Hebrew Free Loan Society was able to be there for Danny. During that critical time, HFLS paused monthly loan repayments for four months for current borrowers. This temporary stop in payments kept nearly $2,000 in the pockets of borrowers like Danny, helping them focus on their business model at a time they needed it most.

Thank you for making that possible.

We welcome you to watch Danny‘s story above and ask you to make a year-end contribution to our Annual Fund. Every $1 donated helps us mobilize $7 in interest-free loans for determined and hard working New Yorkers like Danny