Rachel Lauren

Where do you currently work?
I am the Co-founder and COO of Debbie, a startup that offers rewards for debt payoff and savings, as well as finds best-in-class financial product offers for our members. Our mobile app allows borrowers to set goals along their debt freedom journey and complete our behavioral change curriculum, using positive reinforcement and behavioral psychology to bring about long-term habit change.

How long have you been on the Next Gen Steering Committee?
I joined the committee in September of 2023 after being introduced by a fellow member, Alex Zafran.

What made you interested in joining the Next Gen Steering Committee?
When I first started Debbie, I was challenged by the problem that the way to generate revenue in financial technology is usually either through consumer fees or interest. Believing strongly in the doctrine against usury in Parsha Behar of Vayikra, I felt highly connected to the mission of the Hebrew Free Loan Society.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I graduated Summa Cum Laude from NYU Stern School of Business with a degree in Business and Political Economy.

What is one interesting/fun fact about yourself?
I am usually the biggest scaredy cat in the room, but have traveled solo for 2 months in Asia, bungee jumped, skydived, driven a motorbike through rough terrain, and slept in a hotel in Pyeongchang during the South Korean Olympics for free (and didn’t get caught). Ask me about it…